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Aberrant Consequences

For Alto Saxophone
Featuring Steven Majstorovic (320kbps mp3, 4:56, 11.2MB, 2018)

For Tenor Saxophone, Version A
Featuring Steven Majstorovic (320kbps mp3, 4:37, 10.5MB, 2018)

For Tenor Saxophone, Version B
Featuring Steven Majstorovic (320kbps mp3, 6:30, 14.8MB, 2018)

For Trumpet, Version A
Featuring Liegh Olsson (320kbps mp3, 4:37, 10.5MB, 2018)

For Trumpet, Version B
Featuring Liegh Olsson (320kbps mp3, 5:16, 12.0MB, 2018)

For Trombone
Featuring Nicholas Hender (320kbps mp3, 12:14, 28.0MB, 2018)

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